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Welcome to Denmark

Her mangler en underoverskrift

As a new resident in a foreign country, you will face many new impressions. Although it is an exciting time of your life, it can also be challenging. You are eager to get accustomed to the culture and the language – and language is definitely a key factor for you to settle in.

At MentorDanmark, we know this, and we will help you learn Danish and give you a nice start in Denmark. We ensure quality language lessons for you and your family. The language lessons take place when and where it suits you. We organize tailor-made lessons, which can help you while settling in a new country and help you enjoy this exciting time.

Do you have children? We can also help them
We make sure that your child will have a good start in Denmark.

Based on your child’s personal learning style, we provide tailor-made lessons and we guarantee highly improved language skills and increased confidence. We match your child with an experienced mentor based on professional skills, education, personality and hobbies. Your child will have a personal mentor and will learn Danish from a defined learning plan in every lesson.

MentorDanmark is the largest tutoring company in Denmark with more than 3000 mentors across the country, and we will find the perfect mentor for your child’s needs. In 2014, 2015 and 2017, MentorDanmark received awards for its tutoring.

Please contact us today by calling +45 61 61 77 77 and let us help you learn Danish.